Material Sourcing

Our team exists of an experienced workforce with years of skill and perfected craftsmanship. We only source quality materials to ensure all of our products are made to the best standard possible. Our fine quality leathers for example are sourced from Italy, whereas the majority of our broad collection of tissue is sourced from Belgium. For many other materials however we try to source as much as possible locally, reducing our environmental footprint.

Customers can choose between a great variety of finishing to create the products they desire. Whether you choose a metal frame or a wooden one in oak or beech, each variant has many finishing options. Also the upholstery possibilities are huge. Do you fancy a velvet fabric or a faux leather one, or do you rather go for a classic fabric or a soft feeling finish? Whatever your choice, each come with many colours to choose from!

Wood department

The production process starts with the making of the frame. The wooden frames are all made in our factory by skilled and experienced woodworkers. Our oak or beech wooden frames haven proven to be solid and will last generations. Our constant commitment to quality woodworking and our vast experience, have earned us a fine international reputation.

Cutting & Stitching

Once the frame is complete, the next step is to cut the fabric of the product. All material cutting is completed by one of our highly trained employees with years of experience. Our cutters use self-created patterns for each individual design, to ensure every batch of product is identical in shape. Stitching is another step in this process. There are a variety of stitching techniques when it comes to furniture making.


Each one of our chairs can be upholstered in a variety of different leathers and fabrics to suit your needs. Whether you need a fire retardant fabric or want a soft feeling finish, we have a solution for you. We offer different types of leather, velvet, faux leather, soft feeling fabrics and classic fabrics. Or maybe you are working on a specific project and want to use your own fabrics? That's possible as well. You simply have the fabrics delivered to our factory and we'll do the rest!

Quality control & Packaging

Once our chairs have been produced, they are verified by our quality control department, who will critically verify the quality of the finished products. When approved by the quality control department, each one is rigorously packed using cardboard, industrial bubble-wrap and then finally wrapped up in a large plastic bag and carton box. This method of packaging keeps our sofas from experiencing any transit damage, including scuffs, scratches and also dust.


Thoroughly packed, the goods are loaded on our truck and ready for export.